The Ultimate Guide To Using Argan Oil For Hair, Skin & Nails

ultimate guide to using argan oil for hair and skin

In this guide, we want to show you the many uses Argan Oil offers us as a beauty solution. The properties and nutrients are described here.

Neutralize Frizz

Firstly, let’s clarify how your hair ends up in a frizzy mess, before we share how our argan oil can help! 

Too Dry: If you allow your hair to become too dry, it also becomes highly susceptible to frizz. The cuticles of the hair strands begin to raise, due to lack of moister, and you are left with a lot of unpleasing volume. 

Humidity: We bet you’ve experienced this one before, perhaps on a rainy day. When it’s humid, hair tends to have an unwelcome party. Purely due to the chemical structure of hair, in relation to humidity, frizz is very common to occur when the air is more wet. The reaction occurs on a molecular level where the hair is triggered to curl and frizz up due. If you know it’s humid out, try to avoid creating a lot of static in your hair. This will help tame things down more. 

The Solution: Moisturizing is the best solution to handling both types of frizz. If you moisturize frequently, and at the right point in your haircare routine, you should be able to neutralize frizz without any hassle. Take roughly 2-4 drops of our Argan Oil, depending on your hair type + length, and rub it between your hands until warm. Apply the oil to damp hair, making sure to evenly coat all of it. If you blow dry your hair, be sure to hold your hair down as you dry, to create less static. Brush your hair as usual and go. 

Style Your Hair 

Looking for more shine? A smoother, sleeker head of hair to feel good about? If that’s the case, you need to try argan oil as a hair styling product. It will help you tame any fly-aways, while giving your hair the power to stay straight and uniform. It is also the perfect oil to help keep naturally curly hair in check. A little goes a long way when using most oils as styling products, so start small with 1-2 pumps and work up or down from there. You may apply it to damp hair, as mentioned above, or you can apply it as the last step in your haircare/styling routine to end things off with a little shine. Feel free to play around with it and find your own preference.  

Hydrate Your Scalp 

If your scalp is flakey, dandruffy or itching, you may use argan oil as a scalp treatment in order to lock in moisture, and restore life to the skin and hair in the area. Take a healthy amount of oil on your fingertips and rub it into your scalp until the dry area’s are 100% covered. Allow the oil to soak in overnight, then shampoo in the morning. Also – if your scalp is desperate for moisture, warming the oil up and doing a hot oil mask can help to give your scalp a big boost of hydration more immediately. Please use caution when heating the oil.  

Combat Dry, Brittle Hair 

It doesn’t matter the season, we all get dry hair. Whether it be from too much salt water, too much hot sun, or too much dry mountain air, dehydrated hair is inevitable unless we stay strict about our hydrating regimens. Argan Oil offers the perfect amount of moisture for hair, without making it feel greasy, overly oily, and/or dirty. It’s lightweight and easily penetrates into the hair, doing it’s job of moisturizing quite seamlessly! From dry ends, to brittle mid shafts, there is no limit to where the oil can be applied. Starting with 2-3 drops, work up or down from there, depending on your hair type + length. You will have to determine how much product you prefer, by using it at home. As a general rule of thumb, warming the oil in your hands slightly before application will help it soak into the area faster.  

Prevent + Reduce Fine Lines + Wrinkles 

As we grow older, the worry about fine lines and wrinkles quickly becomes real. And whether you’re trying to prevent or reduce the appearance of aging, your skin is probably in need of a stable, non-comedogenic* moisturizing product, that will help you maintain youthful, supple skin. Safe to use around the eyes, and even on your lips, argan oil is very popular in the skincare market as such. It sinks into the skin effortlessly, and honestly feels like some sort of magical, buttery oil. When applied regularly to any areas of concern, it will help to improve skin elasticity and youth. 

Moisturize Your Skin 

As mentioned about, Argan Oil is prized as a skin moisturizer. One of the key factors in why it’s so valued as a skincare product is because it has a very low comedogenic rating. This means it is very unlikely to clog the pores of the skin. The composition of argan oil is not heavy or think, but rather light and silky. Unlike most conventional moisturizers, it is long lasting and will get the job done in moisturizing your skin. Appropriate for all skin types, even oil prone skin! Just mind when and how much you use of the oil, and again, trial and error is the best way to find how this product will suit your needs.  

Heal Scaring + Stretch Marks

This is a big area of concern for a lot of people. Scaring and Stretch Marks are all to common, and sometimes unpreventable, but they can certainly be healed and made far less apparent with the help of the right products. Oils in general are a more hardy solution to moisturizing and fading scars, as the last longer and sink further down into the layers of the skin. Argan Oil, along with our Castor Oil, can be used in a daily routine to moisturize and lessen the appearance of imperfections that your skin may have. Argan Oil is ideal for the face, as it’s very unlikely to make you break out. 

If you have concerns about how your skin will react to any of our products, apply a mild amount it to a small area, and wait two to three days. If your skin does well, hooray! If not, just know that not every product suits every skin type and that there is likely a good product out there for you. 

Treat Your Cuticles + Nails 

Nail health isn’t usually at the top of the list when it comes to beauty routines, but it’s definitely a must if you want to maintain a nice looking manicure! It doesn’t take much effort to keep your nails healthy, it just requires some discipline to go earlier on them, and to treat them kindly. Apply Argan Oil to your cuticles and nails, rubbing it in until warm. Do this for a minimum of two days a week, in the morning and in the evening, to see fine results. You are not limited here – you may apply it everyday if you desire. 

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