The Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil

So many questions circle around when a new product pops onto market. Or is it just one question phrased twenty ways? What does it do? Does it really do that? How does it help me? etc. etc. And with the rising popularity of Castor Oil, an old tale, but new tool to the beauty world, we’re all wondering what the big deal is. Let the following list of benefits to using castor oil shed light on why it should be sitting on your bathroom shelf right now!

  1. Hair Growth and Health: Castor oil is extremely rich in key nutrients which increase blood circulation to the skin, creating an optimum state for hair growth to occur. Along with that, it’s 100% fatty acid content gives the scalp the proper pH balance it in needs to stay healthy and grow thick, lush hair.

  2. Eyelash Growth & Eyebrow Growth: The hair on the top of your head isn’t the only thing that can be boosted. The oil works in the same way to help your brows and lashes become more plentiful and healthy.  

  3. Natural Acne Treatment: Before resorting to harsh products to cure acne, Castor oil is a strong candidate to help relieve unwanted blemishes. By applying the oil to your skin and massaging it in, it’s able to reach deep down beyond the epidermis, to where suborn debris sits. The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties also calm down big flare ups and can alleviate soreness.  

  4. Cleansing: With a mixture of Castor oil and coconut oil, olive oil, or anything of that sort, it can be applied to the skin as a deep cleanser and makeup remover. It will again reach deep into the skin and rid pores of impurities. Using it regularly will soon give way to a smoother, clearer complexion.

  5. Hydration: Whether it be your hair, skin or lips that are dry, Castor acts as a natural humectant, helping pores to retain more moisture and stay hydrated.

  6. Antioxidants:  The thing we just can’t get enough of! Antioxidants! Something Castor oil is definitely not lacking in! In fact, these antioxidants heavily supports keratin.



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