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Floral Bath Soak - DIY Recipe to Soothe & Relax After a Stressful Day

Need to destress? What better way is there to unwind from a hectic week then to make yourself up a floral bath soak with relaxing salts, oils and flowers? Let the hot water and magic do it's trick, and let yourself relax! Our Floral Bath Soak Recipe zeros in on ingredients that work to naturally tell your body to "slow it down." From Epson Salts, which reduce soreness and relax muscles, to the soothing smell of botanical essential oils like Jasmine, this soak is loaded with some of the best ingredients for decompressing after that long, hard day. Feel free to add a little splash of whatever else suits your needs. And while you're at it, if you're hair needs...

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How To Detox Your Skin - The 7 Day Beauty Plan To Clear & Revitalize Your Complexion Naturally

Because achieving soft, clear and healthy skin can be hard and frustrating at times, let's start by talking about the different elements that go into it, and the reasons why we've included them in this 7 Day Skin Detox Plan. There are the lucky few who suffer from one or two blemishes in a lifetime, and then there’s the rest of the world. For us, our skin, at some point or another has become a problem child to us. Unmistakably annoying, hard to get a handle on, and just plain unpredictable. And for good reason, your skin should not be that hard on you, but with the rise in air pollution, food pollution and the use of toxic skincare, we lack the freedom to...

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