Strawberry Whipped Cream Body Butter Scrub Recipe

Sweet and simple, yet incredibly hydrating, this Strawberry Whipped Cream Body Butter Scrub Recipe is the perfect homemade exfoliant and moisturizer. Keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturized is key to clear and healthy skin. What's better, moisturizing while you exfoliate ensures that your skin is not being stripped of healthy, fatty oils and so, dried out. Because the coconut cream is so rich in moisturizing agents, you don't actually have to lotion up after you are done showering. Just allow the natural fats in the cream to sit on your skin and your legs, arms, face, etc. will stay hydrated and supple until it wears away! 

In this scrub, there are also anti-aging components, such as the strawberries and fatty acids in the coconut cream, which help to preserve the skins elasticity, firmness and "youthful glow." Chemicals and fancy ingredients are not needed to keep up healthy skin, just a few simple kitchen ingredients will do. 

With coconut cream, sugar and strawberries comes a wonderfully whipped mixture that can be used in place of your store bought body scrub. Use it in the shower, rinse, and it will leave your skin feeling like butter. (Plus, it's 100% edible!)


Cream of 1 mini coconut milk can 
2 Tbsp coconut water (from can)
1 Strawberry 
2 Tbsp sugar 


Leave your mini can of coconut milk in the refrigerator for 3 hours. After it has cooled completely, open the can and pour the clear coconut water into a cup, saving it for the next step. Take the coconut cream and add to the blender.

Measure out 2 tablespoons of the coconut water and add this to the blender with your strawberry as well. Blend until fluffy and the strawberry is well pulverized and mixed with the cream. 

Now empty all of your strawberry coconut cream mixture into a small bowl and stir in the 2 tablespoons of sugar. 

This scrub isn't limited to any one area! Feel free to use it on your lips, face, arms, legs, whatever you'd like! If refrigerated the scrub will last up to 3 days, but will become less fluffy and whipped. 

Interesting Tips to Adjust Recipe:

1. If you'd rather, add about 5 blueberries in place of the strawberry to make it a Blueberry Cream Body Butter Scrub. This will richen the anti-oxidizing properties of the scrub.

2. Cut back on the sugar, and use this as a whipped cream for strawberry shortcake! 

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