Kirstie Alley Loves Organic Castor Oil by Rain Lillie


It's always nice to find out when customers are happy with our product, but it doesn't happen every day that a famous hollywood actress and household name, Kirstie Alley, announces on Twitter that she's been using Rain Lillie's 100% Organic Castor Oil for months, and it has been the first product in years to help thicken and grow her hair, eyebrows & lashes. 

To be exact, this is what Kirstie said:


“I was freaking out because my hair seemed to be getting thinner!  I've always had swell hair so this was particularly worrisome. 

I started using Rain Lillie on my scalp, eyebrows and lashes... About a month later I started seeing baby hairs sprouting all around my hairline! My brows got thicker and lashes thicker and longer. I haven't seen baby hairs on my hairline for years! If it does for you what it is doing for me, you will be astonished!

Thanks Rain Lillie!!”

- Kirstie Alley


We're very proud and thankful for this acknowledgement and will continue to work towards bringing you the most effective organic haircare products

Rain Lillie Organic Castor Oil Is Loved By Kirstie Alley

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