How to Use Castor Oil for Hair - 5 Ways to Promote Hair Growth Naturally 

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair - Top 5 Ways To Promote Hair Growth

Many of you may be wondering just exactly how to go about using your Castor Oil for hair. It's been used for this and for that throughout the years, but hair? Yep, it's a new one! Now of course, you are welcome to use it how ever you'd like, but we thought we'd share some simple and great ways to use the oil that will help give you the results you are looking for. 

1. Castor Oil Scalp Massages 

You can find this method of application on the back of your Rain Lillie Castor Oil:
Add several drops of oil to your finger tips and massage the oil into your scalp, hair roots, eyebrows or skin at least twice a week. Safe for everyday use. 
Optional: Mix 3 drops of oil into your hair conditioner and let it absorb for 5 minutes. 

2. Overnight Hair Treatments

Before bed, take one pump of Castor Oil in your finger tips and massage it into your scalp, applying even pressure throughout. Use the remaining oil on your hands and run it through the lengths of your hair and ends. Let it sit over night, then shampoo & condition your hair as usual in the morning. 

3. Hair Mask

Use our Coconut Honey Hair Mask to achieve hydrated hair/scalp. The recipe and directions are downloadable here

4. Eyebrows + Lashes

Eyebrows: Take 1/3 of a pump of castor oil and massage between two fingers until slightly warm. Apply the oil to both eyebrows evenly, and massage until soaked into the hair and skin. Use when you’d like, it works also as a daily primer to apply makeup on top of.
Eyelashes: Before bed, take 1/3 of a pump of castor oil and massage between two fingers, until slightly warm. Gently rub or dab the oil onto your lash line, being careful not to get any in your eyes. Coat once all over and let it sit over night. Wash your face as usual in the morning, gently cleaning off any excess oil that remains. 

5. Hot Oil Treatment
You will need: 

Hot water
1 Cup
One Bottle of Rain Lillie's Organic Castor Oil
1 Shower cap or saran wrap
Before beginning the hot oil treatment, make sure that you have not used any other hair products, such as hair spry, mouse, etc., as these will prevent the oil from properly absorbing into your hair.
Fill the cup up half way with hot water from your tap. Place the bottle of Castor Oil in the cup and let it warm for 10 minutes. 
Take a few pumps of oil (the first pump may not be warm) at a time, in the palms of your hands, and rub together. Apply to your hair, starting from the tips and moving up to the mid-shafts until this entire section is coated evenly.
Now take the oil, a pump at a time, in your fingertips, and rub into your scalp. Do so until your scalp is coated evenly all over. Some of your hair, between the mid-shafts and scalp may not be coated. You may leave this as is, or you can apply more oil to cover your entire head.
If you have a shower cap, place it on your head at this time, and make sure all of your hair is contained. If you do not have one, take a large piece of your saran wrap to cover your hair. Place your hair in a bun and secure the wrap around your head.
Keep your hair covered for 20 minutes. Uncover and rinse your hair. Apply a healthy amount of conditioner to your hair and let it soak for 3 minutes. Now shampoo and condition as usual. 


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