How To Use Castor Oil for Beard Growth


Beards are all the rage these days, and beard care with Castor Oil has become a daily routine for many men. A beautiful beard is like a unique accessory that exudes masculinity and dominance. Boys begin to look like men, the cheekbones are defined, and the eyes emphasized. But not every man naturally has a full strong beard growth. The main complaint being a beard that does not grow fast enough or rather sparsely and irregularly. Especially with dark facial hair bald spots and unevenness do stand out.

Women already swear by castor oil, as it naturally makes their eyelashes longer and thicker, their eyebrows more expressive and their hair thick and shiny.

Castor Oil, a viscous oil extracted from the castor plant in India, contains very high amounts of ricinoleic acid, an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, known to be deeply nourishing and conditioning for hair. In fact, you will find plenty of woman on the internet vouching for its hair growth promoting effects and who talk about enhanced hair foil activity. Since it worked so well for hair, its use quickly spread to a beard conditioning treatment and growth booster.


The beard application is easy and can be integrated into any evening Routine.

1. Clean your face with warm water and pat your face dry, instead of towel drying, to lock in the moisture.

2. Spread a few drops between the palms and gently massage into the whole beard for 2 to 3 minutes. Allow it to be absorbed overnight.

3. Wash out the oil with cold water and a mild natural soap the next morning.

4. For best results, repeat daily before going to bed.

How To Grow Your Beard Faster

There are a couple of things that we can’t directly control - these are our genes for example. Other factors also play a role, such as health, hormone levels - specifically Testosterone which converts into DHT and is the hormone responsible for facial hair growth.

Men that have higher levels of those hormones tend to grow more facial hair than others.

Let’s talk about the factors that we can do something about and improve beard growth.


nutrition for beard growth

There are a couple of foods that when added to your diet can help promote beard growth by supplying the nutrients needed for hair to grow.

While you could, of course, opt to get those from supplements, and there is a variety targeting beard growth specifically, you can also get those nutrients from a balanced diet. These substances are either needed to build hair or help in the synthesis from testosterone to DHT. Because some of our readers prefer to eat vegan, we are going to include vegan choices for each nutrient.

  • Selenium (Brazil Nuts, Yellowfin Tuna)
  • Biotin (Eggs, Avocados)
  • Boron (Raisins, Almonds)
  • Sorghum 
  • Vitamin A (Spinach, Kale, Carrots)
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Salmon, Walnuts)
  • Zinc (Pumpkin Seeds, Pomegranates)


supplements for beard growth

A word of caution for those that are into herbal supplements. Do not use a hair growth supplement to boost beard growth. The main natural ingredient that can be found in many pills used to combat bald spots and male hair loss is actually a DHT Blocker and is called "Saw Palmetto" which is a berry extract from a palm tree that grows in the southeastern United States. Instead, if you want to take it a step further and are getting the most important hair building blocks already from food, look for supplements containing ingredients to support androgen receptor sensitivity. Carnitine is said to increase androgen receptor activity, and Ashwagandha has been used to increase testosterone production naturally.


exercise for beard growth

You may wonder what exercise has to do with beard growth? Or if this is just the standard recommendation for every ill? While regular strength training has a lot of health benefits and also reduces stress, in this case, it’s all about the hormones that are believed to influence beard growth.

Regular Resistance Training increases testosterone levels and since it also builds muscle, why not train with dumbbells and do a body workout 2-3x per week and take advantage of both benefits.


sleep for beard growth

Testosterone release happens during sleep. That's why enough rest is vital.


Besides the trimming your beard, there are a couple more grooming routines that will support healthy beard growth.

How To Tame An Unruly Beard

how to tame an unruly beard

Curly or unruly hair with a wiry texture can be tackled with any conditioner and some good quality castor oil to lock in moisture. It also can be used to style your beard because of its thick consistency. Over the last couple of years “beard conditioners” have become popular but you can really use any hydrating conditioner. We always recommend to check out the ingredients and choose one without silicones which can cause buildup.

An additional benefit of keeping your beard moisturized is that it prevents split ends and keep the hair from being dry which can cause breakage.


Regularly exfoliate to stimulate circulation and get rid of dead skin cells that can clog pores.

We recommend exfoliating in the shower after the warm steam has softened the skin by using a gentle facial scrub (physical exfoliant) or if you don't have one at your fingertips, simply make a DIY scrub by mixing a TBSP of brown sugar with argan oil.

Put a dime sized amount on your fingers and scrub away dead skins cells with gentle motions.



Give your beard a little time. Unfortunately growing a full beard won't happen overnight. Just because some spots in your beard are sparse when you are starting to grow it, does not mean that they won't fill in. Sometimes certain spots simply take longer. 

Let us know how you liked this post and if you have any other tips to grow a fuller beard.

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