How To Get Your Skin To Glow - 5 Step Morning Beauty Routine

When we’ve got a million and one things to do, pampering and pruning ourselves seems so last priority. It’s hard, some days, to find the time to really pay attention to taking care of our skin. But when one or two days turns into ten, we begin to lose ourselves a little. That snowball effect sneaks up on you, and all of a sudden, you’re really out of sorts with yourself.

And not to say that you’ve got to have some elaborate routine going, but even just a simple 1-2-3 step beauty regimen can save you from your own neglect.

Realistically, we all kind of meet in the middle on skin care routines, taking to what’s actually doable. Not every step has to be done every day, and certain products double up to make it that much quicker. Just getting some kind of thing going in the mornings and evenings is more than enough. Here's our easily adaptable morning routine for you to play with:

The double cleanse. It’s the hype at the moment, and we love it. The idea of this two step cleansing process is a new one. It starts with an oil based cleanser, to remove the majority of makeup, impurities and such that sit on the skin. The second cleanser is a more common soap agent, which refreshes and re-cleanses once more. 

In the evening double cleansing is vital to removing makeup, dirt and grime from the day. But in the morning, it’s just as vital to replenishing the skin with the moisture that’s been depleted while sleeping. Let us know how you like the double cleanse.

Cleanse number one. Take 3 pumps of castor oil in the palm of your hand, along with a small dab of any non-synthetic oil of your choosing. Rub them together until fully combined, and then gently massage the mixture all over your face and upper neck. It should be a thin layer spread out evenly. Let this sit for about 3 min, and then take a hot, wet face towel and wipe your skin clean.

Cleanse number two. Use a foamy, soapy-ish based cleanser next, to clear away any excess oil and dirt that remains.

Now that you’re through with cleansing, it’s time for a little dreamy, steamy step. Here,  you’ll use steam to open up the pores and give them a final detox. The steam will also help your skin to really soak in the later enhancing products you’ll use.

The dream steam. Start with a large bowl of hot water. Aim for bathtub hot, approx. 100° F. Drape a tea towel over your head to create a little bubble around your face and the bowl. Now allow the steam to do the dirty work, opening up the pores to rid them of those hidden toxins. Once the water has stopped emitting steam, pack things up and move to your next steps: toners, essence, lotions and so forth. (If you’re planning to take a shower, do that in place of this step.)

Now what’s left of your skincare routine is up to you, but the following is our recommendation for an easy way to wrap things up

Toning. It’s a good way to bring balance back to your skin and refresh things. Steer clear of heavy alcohol and witch hazel based toners, for regular use. Go for something less harsh when shopping for your toner. Soak a flat cotton round with the product and lightly swipe it over your skin, covering your entire face and upper neck. Let it air dry.

SPF + Moisturizing. The importance of a good sunscreen definitely shouldn’t be undermined. This stuff works wonders to preserve the skin and keep it from becoming damaged by the UVB rays. Pair wearing sunscreen everyday with drinking tons of water, and your skin will thank you in the years to come. After you’ve applied your sunscreen and it’s sunk it, moisturize with your facial cream and eye cream as usual.

If time isn’t your friend at all in the mornings, a tip would be to take your cleanse number two into the shower. Then just slap on your moisturizer and go!

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