A Single Girl's Guide to Beauty & Relaxing on Valentines Day

Valentines Day... Mostly all of us know what it feels like to spend this day alone, but given our opinion here at Rain Lillie, it really shouldn’t be a dreaded day for the singles, yet rather the perfect occasion to splurge in self indulgence! 
It’s a day for you. And because Valentines Day falls on a weekday, there are a few ways to go about spoiling yourself. 

This Weekend/Next Weekend

Choose what weekend works best for you, it may be the weekend before Valentines Day, or the weekend after. 


A Morning Drink

It’s Saturday morning and you’re home, just waking up. First thing to do is grab yourself that morning drink. Walk, or drive to your favorite coffee shop, juice bar, whatever 
you prefer, and get yourself something good. If you are going out, don't worry about dressing up yet for the day! You’re coming home again! 

Before you head home, stop by a flower shop and treat yourself to flowers. It’s Valentines Day after all. If you really want to go all out, order yourself a flower delivery ahead of time. No judgements here. Flowers make everything gorgeous, delivered or retrieved. 

Morning You Time
Now you’re home again! So place your flowers were you can admire them, turn on some music and drink up. Enjoy a morning to yourself and do as you please. That might include a shower, some breakfast, internet surfing, tv watching or magazines. If working out makes you feel good, don’t hold back! Get that gym visit or yoga class in! The point is to just enjoy yourself for a little while.

Getting Ready
Around mid morning, or whenever feels natural to you, ready yourself up with a good look for your relaxing afternoon-evening. Dress to impress yourself. We think a good comfy-chic, outfit (romper, joggers & T, etc.) is perfect with a no-makeup makeup look. There isn’t really a need to go full out. 

Schedule ahead for a mani-pedi at your local top pick salon, and bring along a friend, mother or sister, if you so wish to. There’s nothing like a fresh manicure and pedicure to make you feel good and look good. 

Hair Appointment
If you and your mani-pedi buddy are in need of a trip to the hairstylist, again plan ahead and book appointments for what is needed. Just pop over from the nail salon to the hair salon, and take your seats. Whether it be a cut, a color, both, or just a wash-blow dry-style, having someone else play with your hair is just plain satisfying. Plus, good looking hair is easily the number one way to make yourself look put together. 

Now that your nails are done, your hair is done, and you look damn fine, it’s time to come home and relax some more. Turn that music on again, bring out the wine, and order in food. If you have single girlfriends, tell them to come on over if you desire company. 

If you want the night to yourself, then come on home, run that bath and pop in a bath soak! (See our Floral Bath Soak Recipe Here). Wine is still good for one, and so is the music. Light those candles too, and set the relaxing, self-indulgent ambiance you so deserve. 

Your night is yours, again to do whatever you please. When it’s time for bed, throw on a pretty pajama set and grab yourself some deep sleep for Sunday! 


Spa Day

You may want to go it alone, or you may want a friend to go along with, but this day is dedicated solely to you. Yes, it is a spa day. Book ahead to enjoy the massages, facials, steam-room, and all the rest. Clear your mind of work, problems, obligations, and take a minute. 


The Day of Valentines Day 

There’s a good chance you’re working on Valentines Day, so a little self pampering would obviously take place in the evening, in this case. 

The Ambiance
The easiest way to kick off your night off is set the mood! Light candles, put on music, and create the same ambiance as described above. If you fancy a little wine, open up a bottle. Order in food to make it easy on yourself, and take it easy with some tv, magazines and anything else that fulfills your needs. 

Bubble Bath Time
After din, run a bubble bath, and pop in the Floral Bath Soak. As your bath runs, apply a face mask, to work on that skin glow of yours! Pin up your hair and go for a nice lengthy soak. When you’re done, drain the tub, rinse off and slip into your favorite pajama set! 

Valentines Day?… More like national chocolate day.

Kidding. But really, what would this day be without a little something sweet. If you’re a chocolate eater, it’s time for you to really indulge. Climb into bed and flip on your show. Now eat your chocolate bar and dose off to sleep. 


We wish you a very loving and relaxing Valentines Day, whether you’ll be spending it with your significant other, or focusing on yourself. Use the code GIFT to receive 20% off your order from our site! 

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