5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Smooth During the Winter Season

Brittle hair, chapped lips and dry skin, we all would love to avoid these things this winter, but sometimes it’s inevitable. With a steady routine though, you’ve got a much better chance of keeping your skin and hair supple and hydrated, all season long. Take what you can use from this article to help maintain soft, healthy hair.


We’ve put this at the top of the list for good reason. The quickest way to dry, fried hair is by intentional abuse! And as you may share this hard-to-break habit, most of us women love to take nice hot showers, use toasty hot styling tools, and whether we like to confess or not, we can be guilty of abusing our hair. So, it’s time to tone down the heat. Take a warm shower- not hot. Let your hair air-dry more often (see number 5 for other options as well). Take lightly to your hair dryers and irons this winter, and we promise, your locks will smile back at you. In the event that you are using any kind of heat styling, be sure to use a safe, silicone-free heat protectant on your hair beforehand.

2. Hydrate

This is our favorite, so we’ll lay it out plainly. Your hair will not do anything for you if you don’t give it water. It will give you a shrug or a bitchy face if you deprive it of it’s daily dose. And to tell you the truth, in many cases water can help make a sad head of hair, pretty happy again. That can go for an entire body too, but we aren’t health experts here. Homework for you: drink tons of water and keep hydrated.

3. Diet + Vitamins

“You are what you eat.” We’ve heard it time and time again You are what you eat, so why not eat well. Don’t dismiss the idea that what you eat can help your hair and skin thrive. Your body’s main source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients are in what you eat and drink. Keeping a rich diet in all of these things can really make a difference in your beauty- from complexion to hair health.

Foods to help boost hair health:

Salmon - omega 3 fatty acids
Lean Poultry - protein
Oysters - zinc
Eggs - protein + iron + biotin 
Nuts - amino acids + omega 3 fatty acids
Greek Yogurt - protein + vitamin B5
Spinach - vitamins A & C + iron + antioxidants + folate
Sweet Potato - vitamin A + antioxidants 
Carrots - vitamin A
Citrus Fruits - vitamin C 

4. Moisturize

Keep your hair moisturized. This is a no brainer, and easy to follow. Deep condition once a week, take heavily to our hot oil treatment, and go easy on the clarifying shampoos, as they strip your hair of it’s natural moisture and oils. (I have very oily hair, and know what it’s like to want to shampoo your hair. Just push yourself to stick it out, grab a good dry shampoo and let your hair off the leash! Every other day is safe to shampoo, if you can wait two, even better.) Apply our Castor Oil to the ends of your hair to prevent it from becoming dry, breaking or splitting.

5. Hair Styling Alternatives

Heat has dominated the hair styling world because of it’s speed and easy to use nature, but what we haven’t realized is that there are comparable alternatives to our generic hair dryers and irons. Ionic hair tools, over night styling and air drying are great options.

Ionic Hair Tools:
By emitting negative ions, drying or styling hair becomes quick and far less damaging. Water molecules fall from the hair, leaving it’s cuticles closed, and locking in moisture. No friction or positive energy is used, thus the hair is left smooth and silky.

Overnight Styling:
There are many over night styling techniques used to achieve beautiful and natural hair looks come the next morning. Here are a few examples. Please stay tuned for our Overnight Styling Techniques article!

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