4 Things You Should Be Doing to Promote Eyelash Health & Growth

If you're feeling the need to up your eyelash game, come along with us to hear about what 4 things you should be doing to promote eyelash health and growth. We'll tell you what we think makes a difference when it comes to taking care of your lashes, and ultimately what will make you feel more beautiful around the eyes, and otherwise! Find out different ways your can incorporate more natural and/or less harsh makeup looks into your life, in order to let your eyelashes take a break and gain some strength. Best of all, learn about natures best kept beauty secret and how it will help you achieve full and lush looking lashes, as well as brows and hair if you desire those as well. 

1. Don't Be Rough 

With all of the make up and tools and this, and that, it’s safe to say that we are rather rough around our eyes. Even more, our delicate eyelashes are coated up in mascara and then rubbed until clean at the end of the night. That is why you must go easy on them if you want them to grow and stay health and lush! They aren’t sturdy enough to take on a coarse wash cloth every single day. You can be gentle in the following two ways in order to promote healthier, thicker growth:


If using an eyelash curler is a part of your daily beauty routine, try to give it a break two - three times a week. What ever days work best for you, but letting off on the stress it puts on the lashes should help to keep them stronger. Overall, especially when you are working on your lashes to grow longer and fuller, shoot for as little curling time as possible. The less physical stress on them, the better!

Always use an eyelash curler before applying mascara, otherwise you run the risk of damaging your lashes. 


When you go to take off your make up at the end of the day, be sure to use a gentle makeup removal product, and really let it soak into your eyelashes where the mascara is caked on. Allow it to dissolve everything as much as possible and when you go to wipe your face, be careful around the eyes not to rough up your lashes. Same thing with cleansing, keep to pressure to a minimum around the eyes.

2. Use Less makeup

Eyelashes were not designed to hold up to the ware that mascara can have on them. After some time, they grow weary from so much heavy application of that black gunky stuff, and will indefinitely lack the life and luster they once had. So! One of the best things you can do for your pretty little lashes, is to take it easy with the makeup. “Less is more” is the perfect way to describe what we’re trying to tell you. In fact. You are beautiful, and nor do eyeliner or mascara have anything to do with it! Embrace a clean face with minimal makeup and let your natural beauty be the main act. To help you do this, here are a few tips and tricks on when and how to wear less makeup, but still look glowing and feel gorgeous!


If you wear moderate-to-heavy eye makeup to work, in order to look and feel professional, fair enough! That might just be what suits you and/or your job. But on the weekends, and in your spare time around the house, let your eyes, your skin, and all, breath! It’s the perfect opportunity for you to just let your face and body be. While you’re doing with, be sure moisturize eyelashes with our castor oil to promote optimum growth and strength. (If you're looking for a weekend pampering, check out our Floral Bath Soak Recipe Here!

Beach/Pool Days

Another appropriate time to lay off the eye makeup. You’ll look great with a light cc cream and a pop of color on your lips + cheeks, but that is all you need. You’ll have your sunglasses on anyways, and no one looks good with black running down their cheeks, unless it’s halloween.

Clear mascara

This might be a better option for those jonesing to apply something, anything to their lashes. If you really are dying for a little more lift and hold, try out a clear mascara. It’s not as harsh or heavy and can help to somewhat fill the void of the real stuff.

3.  Have a Strict Nighttime Routine 

This will not only help you out with maintaining healthy eyelashes, but will also promote clear, glowing skin. Be ruthless about taking off your makeup before bed. Give yourself enough time to really do everything, cleanse, moisturize, etc., and just don’t budge on skipping out! Then after you’ve gone through your nighttime beauty routine, apply castor oil to the base of your lashes and leave it to soak in over night . In the same way, we use a hair mask to condition our hair after using styling products, eyelashes do well with a regular overnight treatments. 

4.  Apply the Right Product

The idea behind making hair grow quickly can be split into to two “departments.” One is the maintaining factor. This would be taking good care of your hair, and being sure not to create any breakage, splitting or damage. Doing so obviously promotes maintaining the current length of your hair while its transitioning and resting phases, (catagen phase and telogen phase). 

The second factor is supporting the anagen phase of hair. This is the growth phase, which can be benefitted when using the right product. It doesn’t mean the more you apply a product, the more they will grow, but it does mean that using a product which supports healthy, strong growth will pay off in the end.

To avoid the many chemicals used in synthetic eyelash serums, our Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil is the best natural solution to a supportive eyelash growth product. It also works in the same way to give your hair and brows more thickness and growing power. 


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