10 Ways to Use Castor Oil for Beauty

There are more than 10 ways to use castor oil for beauty, but we don't want to keep you here all day, so we've chosen our top ten favs to highlight for you. From hair, to nails, to lips, castor oil is the perfect multi-purpose beauty product to add to your stash, and being that our castor oil is 100% organic and cold pressed, your body will actually reap the nutritious benefits this product has to offer. 

Long story short, this oil is rich in fatty acids which help to nourish skin, hair and all. It's a thicker, denser oil, giving it more lasting power when being used. This oil falls into the category of a "humectant" which means it attracts and retains moisture in your skin. This results in longer periods of hydration and less need for reapplication. As an example, using it as a lip balm is perfect, because it will stay put for quite some time! (It can be washed off easily with a cloth + water.) You will not need to reapply and reapply like you might with normal chap stick. 

Castor oil is a power house in many areas of beauty, so keep reading and we'll give you the details! 




1. Hair Thickening + Growth Support 

It wouldn't shock us if you've heard about castor oil for hair growth, as it's now one of the top leading hair growth support products available, and for good reason! The genetic make up of castor oil is a little more special than many other oils on the beauty market. It consists of about 90% ricinolic acid. This is a fatty acid which stimulates blood flow to the areas of the skin that it comes into contact with. This is the key to why castor oil actually supports the health and growth of hair

Rub 2-3 pumps of our castor oil into your scalp and massage lightly for a couple of minutes, every other night. Shampoo your hair as normal in the morning. Enjoy thick and healthy hair with regular application.

2. Eyebrow + Eyelash Thickening 

This is also a very common use for castor oil, and applied in a similar fashion to hair. Depending on where you are looking to see results, there are different preferences on application. 

For Eyebrows, feel free to apply the oil whenever you'd like. We recommend applying a thick, even layer to your brows before bed. Let the oil sit over night and soak in. Wash your face as normal in the morning! 

For Eyelashes, you may want to be careful not to get the oil in your eyes. To boost growth, we recommend you apply the oil to your lash line– where you would apply your eyeliner (not the water line), using something like a cotton swab. Rub the oil in lightly, and leave to soak in over night. 2-3 times a week is safe for application. (Eyes can be sensitive, so use good judgement.) To condition your eyelashes, use a clean mascara wand and apply 2 coats.

3. Split End + Breakage Treatment 

We all suffer from time to time, with hair that breaks, splits and just doesn't look healthy. If you've in need of a good boosting hair treatment, try castor oil. There are no rules to this one, you can apply as much castor oil as desired to the ends of your hair when you feel it needs it. Good examples would be: A) after you get out of shower. B) before bed. C) before going to the pool or beach. 

You can also see more ways to improve, smoothen and soften your hair using our castor oil in this blog post.

4. Lip Hydration 

Looking for a lip balm dupe? This is a perfect way to skip the many numbers of ingredients in drug store lip balms. Apply organic castor oil in the same way you would your chap stick to relieve chapped lips, cold sores, and to keep hydration locked in.

5. Black Head Treatment 

Let the stubborn little black heads that sit on your nose be gone. Castor oil actually works wonders on black heads... Again, because it's so thick it is strong enough to pull the grime out with it when you take it off. 

Apply castor oil, in a healthy amount, to the area you need cleansing. Rub it in well, and allow it to sit for about 2 minutes. When you are ready to clean your face, take a hot face towel and wipe everything away. Use the towel to exfoliate the areas where castor oil was used. You should be left with reduced black heads and a more smooth complexion. Do this routinely at night to see optimum results. 

6. Dry Skin Remedy 

It's no surprise that an oil as rich as this one would be hydrating. But even better, it can help to get rid of those unwanted dry, uneven patches of skin. To use castor oil as a dry skin remedy, you apply it much like you would a face mask. We recommend exfoliating before this step, to clear your skin of the surface dead skin and grime. After you've done that, massage a light layer on castor oil all over you face until it's warm and easily moveable. Leave the oil to soak for 10 minutes, and then use a hot face towel to wipe the skin clean. Do not wash your face. 

7. Fade Scars: Hyper-pigmentation + Stretch Marks 

The secret to this story is the omega 3 fatty acids. This is key to what makes castor oil a good weapon against scaring. These fatty acids have been proven to reduce pigmentation in the skin caused from acne, and can help to soften out the fibrous scar tissue. As the tissue smoothens out, it is able to heal, making the appearance of the scar less harsh and noticeable. 

For your face, apply the oil to the scarred areas of your skin and massage for up to 5 minutes. Take a warm face towel and wipe the areas clean. Leave your face free of cosmetic products for a few hours. 

For other areas of the body, apply the oil to the scarred areas and message for up to 5 minutes. Allow to oil to dry and soak in on it's own. 

8. Acne Treatment 

Due to castor oil's low comedogenic rating, it is not likely to clog the skin's pores. This is great news to those who suffer from one pimple, or many pimples. But before using castor oil as an acne treatment, make sure to sample it on a small area of your skin a few times. This will give you an idea of how your skin will react to the oil. Not all skin is alike, and yours may or may not like castor oil. 

When you've determined that your skin is compatible with castor oil, you can go ahead with the treatment.  

Rub an even amount of castor oil into the skin where you have acne. Do this just until the oil is warm and easily movable. Leave the oil for 15 minutes, and then clean your skin with a hot face towel. Lastly, rinse your face with cold water and leave it clear of cosmetic products for at least 1 hour. 

9. Cuticle Treatment + Nail Strength 

You probably know what sad, dry, unkept cuticles look like. (Not pretty). But that's an easy fix. Just dab some castor oil onto the bases of your nails and rub it in. Leave the oil to do it's work, and go about your day! Do this as much as needed. Feel free to make this a part of your routine to maintain hydrated, healthy cuticles. This should also improve the over all health and strength of your nails. 

10. Neck Hydration!  

We spend lots of time making sure that our faces are well kept, which is good and all, but why not the neck too? This area of skin is a lot thinner then the face, which makes it prone to loosing it's elasticity. Therefore, it should be a more popular notion to hydrate and moisturize the neck area!

Before bed, apply a light layer of castor oil to your neck, and rub upwards, until it is well saturated. Let it soak into the skin over night. In the morning cleanse your neck with a light soap and then hydrate. 


We hope you've enjoyed these 10 Ways to Use Castor Oil for Beauty! Please leave us a comment with your results if you try any! 

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